Lynton Web Development

Lynton Web Development is a small outfit based in the beautiful valley of Sóller on the island of Mallorca.

Established in 1995, lyndev specializes in the design, development and implementation of small to medium sized web sites with emphasis on expert coding to achieve a fast, economical and attractive presence on the web.
We firmly believe that by creating efficient, search engine friendly websites, in accordance with W3C standards, we can provide our clients with effective, and inexpensive, solutions to their online advertising needs.

Over the years lyndev has created web solutions for local and foreign professionals and companies, as well as charitable organizations and social concerns. Recently lyndev has been involved with the local administration in the development of an innovative and extensive community web site.

The founder of Lynton Web Development, Jeremy Lynton, was schooled in England (where he developed an interest in computing in the early 1970's), and then went on to work in London for Rank Xerox and the University of London, as well as Sogex Engineering, for several years before moving to Mallorca. He is an Open Directory editor and member of the Html Writers Guild.